Review of Winter Line (Outfit 3)

Most of my wardrobe is dominated by black, including my gym gear. The trend has been, “What can I run in to stay warm this season?” I think I have found the answer for all of the winter weather fluctuations this year. This outfit is comprised of a black Nike dri-fit tee and Reebok leggings. […]

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Review of Winter Line (Outfit 2)

Here is my go-to workout outfit. This outfit is great for everything from running to weightlifting to yoga. This is the most versatile outfit I put together this past Winter. The comfort provided is superior to anything else I have in my activewear wardrobe. It’s a coincidence that both pieces are Nike. However it is […]

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Review of Winter Line (Outfit 1)

It is impossible to get motivated during the winter months. Most of my work out routine consists of running outdoors and it’s way too cold without the proper gear during the winter. During winter months I try to do some yoga and indoor workout circuits. Here are my thoughts of some of the pieces I […]

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