April 9, 2016

Review of Spring Line (Outfit 2)

Another day, another review. This is another Australian inspired outfit. From the shallow depths of my closet we find more White Fox Boutique. So far I’m pretty satisfied with this brand and the quality of their pieces. This is more of an everyday wear, chic casual for me. Pair the shorts with a denim jacket or button up and a cute white blouse.

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Dust off that old denim jacket that has been sitting in the back of your sisters closet. This is one of those times you can wear it and still look chic.  Even better find a denim button up for summer and tie off the ends, similar to the Daisy Duke look.

An oldie but a goodie. I found this blouse one day when I was thrift shopping. I love the flower eyelet detail it has. This neutral blouse is from Hollister, it is a stylish way to start off the new season. Why not dig out that one blouse you just do not wear enough? These shorts will go with just about anything and will look good on everyone.

Fashion Blog, Fashion Blogger, White Fox Boutique, Review, Fashion Post, Blog Post, Blogger












The star of the show. These chic beige shorts are in the style Lola, from White Fox Boutique. There are not any pockets, but I think that style makes up for this. There is pleats in the front and the deceiving appearance of layers in the front and back. However, there is only one layer of light material, perfect for hot weather. These shorts will literally go with anything in my closet. Try spicing up these neutral shorts with bold prints and bright colors.

I loved both of these pieces separately and together. White Fox Boutique has definitely caught my attention. Overall this outfit was a hit.

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