March 31, 2016

Review of Winter Line (Outfit 4)

Phew. Spring has sprung and I am ready to spring into Spring Reviews already. I already have a few outfits to write about, if you want a preview you can check out my Instagram here. It’s been getting warmer every day and just looking at winter sweats is starting to make me sweat. Good thing this is the last Review of Winter Line I have for this year, then it is on to Spring Reviews.

This last outfit is a bonus outfit. It is my stew or netflix and chill outfit. Comprised of a boyfriend T-shirt and comfortable loose sweatpants, it is perfect to relax in. Definitely not an outfit I would work out in for two reasons, I love how soft these sweatpants are and the t-shirt is silky soft. I would hate to ruin how soft the fabric feels for either of these pieces. Of course there is laundry detergents and fabric softeners that could help restore the softness, but let’s be real, the more you wear it, the more wear there is. This is why I only wear this outfit when I am dedicating my day to relaxing to preserve the longevity of it. Relaxing, comfortable outfits like this are hard to come by.

workout winter outfit netflix and chill

The shirt is a navy blue boyfriend tee from Hollister. As mentioned previously it is silky soft, it feels like little clouds billowing around giving a warm caress. It is a near perfect match for the blue lettering on the side of the sweatpants. The little white bird, Hollisters logo, merely helps blend the two into perfection.

Seriously the most comfortable sweatpants, I have come acrossed. Ever. More comfortable than your friend’s, bestfriends’, boyfriends’ sweatpants from college. I found these sweatpants at Ross or T.J. Maxx. They are from Marc New York by Andrew Marc. Again super comfortable, I cannot stop talking about them. Obviously this is my most loved outfit of the season, it was a hit.

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