March 24, 2016

Review of Winter Line (Outfit 2)

Here is my go-to workout outfit. This outfit is great for everything from running to weightlifting to yoga. This is the most versatile outfit I put together this past Winter. The comfort provided is superior to anything else I have in my activewear wardrobe. It’s a coincidence that both pieces are Nike. However it is not so much of a coincidence that this attire follows the black and white trend. Workout Review

The top is a black long sleeve dri-fit Nike top. Personally I prefer to workout in long sleeves or a sports bra, there is no in between, although sometimes I have that rare occasion I will wear a cute red tank top. By wearing a sports bra underneath, this outfit is even more perfect for me. If you’re like me you’ll like this flexibility as well. This shirt keeps me dry and a big plus for me, does not have a crew cut or collared neckline. It hits all of the big marks for me, meaning there is no downsides.

The Nike shorts are snow white, have a running mesh and draw string in them. Another redeeming quality about this pair of shorts is that they are also dri-fit. These shorts are a bit longer than what I prefer to run in, but they fair well. I wear them more when I am going for a light run or jog and plan to focus more strengthening or weight lifting exercises. When it’s in the cooler months and I can only handle so much running outside, before my muscles start to clamp up, these shorts provide me with just enough warmth to get a little cardio in.

Most of my active friends absolutely despise running, they did not create a club, they created a hobby of their dislike for running. If you fit into the same category as my friends and do not have much cardio in your workout circuit then you will definitely enjoy what little constraint these shorts provide. They will be just enough of an excuse for you to turn your 20 minute light jog into fifteen.

For me this outfit was hit, a keeper, and will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe year round.

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